AI for Precision Health, Nutrition & Behavior Lab

AI for Precision Health, Nutrition & Behavior Lab

A collaboration between Artinis Medical Systems, ConnectedCare,, Imec, Noldus, Orikami, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Salut, Soa Aids Nederland, OnePlanet Research Center, Radboud UMC, Wageningen University & Research and Radboud University.

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Precision Health, Nutrition & Behaviour Lab is a collaboration between Radboud University, OnePlanet Research Center, Radboudumc, Wageningen University & Research and nine industry partners. This lab focuses on the development of AI solutions for encouragement of healthy behaviour in humans, with a specific focus on precision health and nutrition.

Nine PhD students and three postdocs work among other things on the development of new sensors, algorithms, chatbots and apps that provide personalized support in the field of health and (eating) behaviour.

The first aim of the lab is to increase the richness and quality of health, dietary and behavioural data by monitoring health using various or novel sensors. The second aim is to develop smart AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to extract more relevant outcomes and knowledge from these data. The final aim is to improve the personalized lifestyle feedback generated from these measurement to coach in the direction of healthier behaviour.

The Lab envisions to develop tailored and innovative AI algorithms and tools that cope with increased data yield and facilitate knowledge extraction, allowing immediate personalized feedback to coach in the direction of healthier behaviour. By contributing to overall healthier behaviour of the population, the lab can potentially increase the quality of life of people. This will results in lower expected incidence rates of disease and therefore also lower the burden on the healthcare system.

Sustainable Development Goals

Research projects

AI for dietary assessment and dietary coaching: To develop automatic and semi-automatic measurements of food intake and macronutrient intake, such to be able to use this data to automatically generate personal advice and individualised coaching.

Health-promoting chatbots: The development of health-promoting chatbots in the domains of smoking addiction and sexual health.

Prevention and detection of Orthostatic Hypotension by wearable sensor technology: The development and validation of wearable sensors for measuring blood flow in the brain based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIS)


Tibor Bosse
Guido Camps
Ruud van Stiphout

PHD Students

Tibor Bosse
Guido Camps
Ruud van Stiphout


Artinis Medical Systems is an innovative Dutch company active in the field of medical research equipment and quality assurance equipment.

ConnectedCare is an eHealth design agency based in Nijmegen. With a background in design research, they use technology to facilitate behavior change and care collaboration. is tech company specialised in conversational AI. It offers software and services to create solutions such as chatbots to automate customer service.

Imec is a research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technology. Imec is known for leveraging world-class infrastructures and local and global ecosystems of diverse partners across a multitude of industries.

Mead Johnson Nutrition is part of Reckitt Benckiser (RB), a global leader and innovator in the areas of personalised nutrition, wellness, hygiene, and digital health.

Noldus Information Technology is a company that provides integrated systems including software, hardware, and services.

OnePlanet Research Center is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the R&D center for nano- and digital technology imec, Radboud University, Radboudumc and Wageningen University and Research.

Orikami is a Dutch MedTech organization that specializes in applied data science and in the development and implementation of digital biomarkers to enable personalized healthcare for people with chronic diseases.

Radboud University (RU) is a general university in The Netherlands, active in almost all scientific fields, and one of the leading universities worldwide.

Salut provides personalised feedback based on data from smart devices and someone’s own goals to give people insight into their health and to support health behaviours.

Soa Aids Nederland helps the public and professionals prevent, detect and treat HIV and other STIs.

Wageningen University & Research is the highest ranked University in the Netherlands and one of the leading international universities in the field of healthy food and living environment.

Artinis Medical Systems
Mead Johnson Nutrition – Reckitt Benckiser
Noldus Information Technology
OnePlanet Research Center
Orikami Personalized Healthcare
Radboud University
SOA AIDS Nederland
Wageningen University

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