MasterMinds Lab

MasterMinds Lab

A collaboration between Actemium, CastLab, Interpolis, Marel, Multisim, Municipality of Tilburg, Port of Rotterdam, Royal Netherlands Airforce, SpaceBuzz, TimeAware, WPG Zwijsen, ROC Tilburg, Fontys Hogescholen, and Tilburg University.

Warandelaan 2, 5037 AB Tilburg

MasterMinds lab is a collaboration between Tilburg University and 13 industrial, governmental and knowledge partners. The lab aims to develop interactive AI technologies such as serious gaming, augmented and virtual reality, intelligent tutoring systems and natural language processing and data science.

The goal of MasterMinds Lab is to develop AI technologies combined with the impact on and input from human behavior, across multiple sectors in society in the field of aerospace, logistics, maintenance, and education focusing on robotics and avatars, serious gaming and learning, language and data science technologies and virtual and augmented reality solutions. The lab brings together Tilburg University, Fontys Hogescholen, ROC Tilburg, Actemium, CastLab, Interpolis, Marel, Multisim, Municipality of Tilburg, Port of Rotterdam, Royal Netherlands Airforce, SpaceBuzz, TimeAware and WPG Zwijsen.

The MasterMinds project consists of five innovative research projects. In each of the projects several partners work together on a certain research topic. Research questions include: Can we train and improve complex decision-making using serious gaming? What is the learning effect of training pilots using virtual reality? How do we effectively design AR and VR training modules? How can we develop and use intelligent tutoring systems? The project is funded to stimulate regional ecosystems to develop a resilient, sustainable, and future-proof economy with a central role for SME’s.

MasterMinds is part of the RegionDeal Mid- and West-Brabant and is co-funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Municipality of Tilburg.

Sustainable Development Goals

Research projects

  • Serious games and logistics: To investigate the cognitive processes and environmental determinants behind successful mission-critical decisions in the Port of Rotterdam.
  • VR for air force simulations: To understand to what extent VR technology proves effective in transfer of training and learning processes in order to develop AI technologies to better adapt to the pilot.
  • AR & VR for production and maintenance: To answer fundamental questions such as how the task and technology type impact key learning outcomes, including transfer, retention, and generalization of learning.
  • Evidence-based prevention: predictive analytics: To investigate prevention behavior in groups of people based on large and diverse datasets.
  • Virtual Reality in Education: To develop algorithms to control the behavior of intelligent tutors in virtual environments, including speech synthesis, facial expressions and body movements.


Max Louwerse
Eric Postma
Pieter Spronck

PHD Students

Max Louwerse
Eric Postma
Pieter Spronck


Actemium is one of the brands of VINCI Energies, an international network organization.

CastLab is a start-up from Melis Foundries and combines modern techniques such as 3D printing, 3D scanning and casting simulation software.

Fontys Hogescholen is the largest quality university of applied sciences in the south of the Netherlands.

Interpolis is one of the leading financial service providers in the Netherlands and a social, cooperative organization.

MultiSIM develops smart software to train virtually on land, in the air or at sea under difficult conditions.

Marel is in the business of transformation, innovation and inspiration and provide software, machines, systems and solutions that help food processors.

Municipality of Tilburg aims at creating a Tilburg where cozy, rural and Burgundian life goes hand in hand with innovation, knowledge of human behavior.

Port of Rotterdam strives to strengthen the competitive position of the port of Rotterdam as a logistics hub and world-class industrial complex.

ROC Tilburg consists of 15 schools in the MBO education system in Tilburg where each year 3,500 students obtain their diploma in one of the 150 programs they offer.

Royal Netherlands Air Force is a modern and technological arm of the armed forces that contributes to freedom, security and prosperity worldwide.

SpaceBuzz is a revolutionary non-profit Virtual Reality education program developed in collaboration with Tilburg University and ESA astronaut André Kuipers.

Tilburg University is a public research university specializing in the social and behavioral sciences, economics, law, business sciences and humanities.

TimeAware brings motion capture to animators from all walks of life and provides mocap to indie developers and start-ups who want to have a “triple A” look to their characters.

WPG Zwijsen is part of WPG Uitgevers and has been the leading publisher in primary education for 175 years.

Fontys Hogescholen
Municipality of Tilburg
Port of Rotterdam
ROC Tilburg
Royal Netherlands Airforce
Tilburg University
WPG Zwijsen

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