Recap MeetUp event: Mining Publications in Climate Change and Healthcare Research

Recap MeetUp event: Mining Publications in Climate Change and Healthcare Research

April 2, 2024
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In an era where the deluge of data and research demands adept navigation, ICAI's February 15th, 2024 meetup served as a beacon for those at the intersection of climate change and healthcare research. This event showcased the forefront of systematic review technologies, illuminating paths to impactful knowledge application in these critical areas.

The session brought together Bart van den Hurk from IPCC and Rene Spijker from Cochrane Netherlands, who provided deep insights into the importance of mining publications for advancing research, policy-making, and practical implementations. Their expertise underscored the vital role of systematic reviews in distilling complex data into actionable intelligence.

Concluding with a focus on the technological innovations driving systematic reviews, the meetup highlighted the promise of these methodologies in not only accelerating research but also in fostering informed decision-making in healthcare and climate change strategies. Through these discussions, ICAI reinforced the significance of bridging scientific exploration with societal needs.

Download the slides from our latest meetup for a deeper understanding and stay updated with our upcoming events by visiting our website. Join our community to remain at the cutting edge of healthcare and climate change research.


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